Where it all began . . .

What is the horse experience? It started for me when I got my first horse. It did not begin on my first ride. It was learning to take care of him, the feeding, the grooming and making sure he was healthy and that he had a safe and secure place to be a horse. I developed a relationship and bonded quickly with my horse where we erased all fear between us.

I watched a lot of western movies but my favorite was and still is "GUNSMOKE." Quint [Burt Reynolds] rode this beautiful, well put together Appaloosa Horse and I knew then I wanted to buy, raise, train and ride the Appaloosa. No better breed to gain The Riding Experience, in my opinion.

It was early on in my young riding experience that I became one with my horse as I learned to ride and not until then. In the beginning I thought all I had to do was hop on the horse and hold on but that's not the case. Riding is not being restricted in your movement on the back of a horse and stiff in your hands. Soft hands on the reins and moving in rhythm with your horse is the start of a beautiful ride.

I want to share this experience with you, the men and women of the Armed Forces and immediate family as my way of giving back to you and thanking you for your service. There is no better way to relax and to gather your mind, body and soul than from the back of a horse, in my opinion.


What We Offer

Horsemanship Lessons

We will introduce you to the horse's world and you will learn the skills to work with horses.  This starts with grooming and leading and progresses to tacking and lunging.  Horsemanship teaches confidence and ease with the horse from the ground up.  Our horses are our partners; learning to take care of them and they will take care of us. 

$45.00 per hour

20% off discount for Military with ID

Basic Riding Lessons

Riding lessons are currently conducted in western style.  Participants will learn how to 'talk' to the horse from their back.  Riding is great for improving balance, confidence, and connection. 

$45.00 per hour

20% off discount for Military with ID

Trail Rides

See more of nature with your horse.  Trail safety and ethics are emphasized as well.

$45.00 per hour

20% off discount for Military with ID

Barrel Racing Lessons

For more advanced riders, learn about the sport of barrel racing.  This includes practice drills and the opportunity to participate in barrel racing events hosted by us.  

$45.00 per hour

20% off discount for Military with ID

BLACKSTARR for the American Soldier

4323 Frontier Avenue

Fayetteville, North Carolina 28312

(910) 264-8780


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